Dev Story #4 – Apart from code.

Trash talk alert !

Apart from coding skills I strongly believe that there is a need to have multiply interests.

No I don’t have in my mind things like books or music. I was more thinking about cross domains, like connecting programming with some other aspects of industry.

That’s probably will have great impact on programming perspective itself. We usually gain also the new point of view which will target far beyond horizon.

My choice by random

Throughout my personal ‚career’  I was always curios about stock market and advanced law’s which control the money on the market. I have also a period in my life when I was actively developing my portfolio on various freelancers portals. I was doing a lot of web scrapping mechanics or simple data stuffs for very low amount of money. It was something about 1$ per hour and I was struggling against all of the ‚Indians’ on those markets. I cannot say it was a bad choice because I believed I gained a lot of experience which benefits later on during my ‚internal’ career.

Did you know that is good to seed your random Test Method Data (!) so you can track down fails?

But the one day… I get an interesting project from USA clients which was fairly easy and straightforward. Just bunch of CSV files, something around 100mb of raw files to sort them out. The files included a lot of advanced option tradings vocabularies which I don’t understand that time and neither do I now, this sub-domain of finance market it’s just not interest me.

Ok so in short I picked up finance -> stock market.

Why ? Because I found an ‚open-source’ project to work on with two professional stock traders from USA.

So there was a big bloodbath recently on s&p-500, which still’s rolling on !

The real world is much more than code

So programming itself it’s not quite useful in business at all. As long as we not start to solving real business problems itself. It’s sustain as useless hammer. I strongly believe that If we want to achieve something big, we need to connect our programming skills with some other business domain.

Any final words ?

I choose finance which I have no school background on. Of course I’m not master at any point in stock market, but I can smoothly work with my client (!) and understand their problems and needs clearly. Surly there are still a lot of communication going on on wide range of topics but the main point here it’s to just cross your comfort zone and open your mind on more subjects than pure programming itself.

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