Dev Story #2 – Go Native.

Native – what’s that ?

When you go native seems like you are doing something very hard. People come to and gratitude you with all the respect. You take it for granted, the way it is.

With proper tools and programming fundamentals (pointers* :)) it’s can be quite fun.

How often you need to go native ? If closer to hardware you are then more you will use it (I would say)

Of course you can just swap to C++ it’s even easier this way I believe. But I’m like breaking open door.

Assistance in need.

Need assistance to confront new Win.Api ? Take a look here:

P/Invoke Interop Assistant

This tool can ease your life. There is a lot of ready to use managed code. Tools is from 2008 so I expect there are a lot that change, but not that much in the Native world.

RPC – The Native Fun Begins

Did you ever try to implement Rpc.Server using native code ? Feeling confident in your native experience, want to confront your true skill ? Circular reference in multiply nested structures ? That’s fun believe me 🙂

Sure, there are ready to go libraries for .NET world. But when you are trying to adjust to C++ IDL interface is not quite such an easy task. MIDL compiler generating a lot of code which is required to be translated under .NET world.

My requirement was simple. I ‚just’ want C++ Rpc.Client code and C# Rpc.Server.

Reference links:

IDL – Interface Definition Language

RPC – Remote Procedure Call

MIDL – Compiler

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